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The purpose of the WVJLUMATAC is to further the apprenticeship training programs that are registered with the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training. Through the application of this purpose, the WVJLUMATAC is a major contributor to providing West Virginia with a world-class work force that will enhance the economic development of the state.

The WVJLUMATAC strives to keep current the skills of journeymen whose crafts are constantly changing as new technologies emerge.

The WVJLUMATAC encourages training of the apprentices and journeymen beyond the collaboration with the members of the Council to enhance the skills and employment of a quality work force in West Virginia. To accomplish these objectives, the WVJLUMATAC brings together representatives of labor, management, government, and education in partnership and cooperation to develop a world-class work force and vigorous economy for the State of West Virginia.

Why apprenticeship programs?
The apprenticeship system has grown up with America. Like America, it is still growing and changing. Today it serves a far different nation from the one of pioneer days. Scientific discoveries, new teaching and training methods, expanding industries, a booming population, a determination of people to live not only free but also equal-- these are among the demands of our present-day technological and social systems to which apprenticeship is responding.

To meet the needs for changes in production methods and products and to be competitive in international markets, apprenticeships have been set up in new trades and many of the apprenticeships in the old trades have been updated.

For young people just starting out in the world-of-work, apprenticeship has important advantages. It offers an efficient way to learn skills because the training is planned and organized and is not hit-or-miss.

The apprentices earn as they learn. They are already workers. When their apprenticeship is completed, workers are assured of a secure future and a good standard of living because the training is in the crafts where skills are much in demand. Opportunities for employment and advancement open with the recognition that the apprentices are now skilled craft workers.

Apprenticeship has served in many periods of history. It is clear that one of the greatest assets that this nation has is the skills and know-how of its people. It is imperative that we guard this asset carefully. Our future progress and strength depend upon a conscious concern for human resources, training, and skills.

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